Easton Cycling


This project's aim was to enhance the user's experience and overall feeling of delight and awe when landing on Easton Cycling's Product Landing Page's. With a mission to create desire for the products and make them feel larger than life, elegance and a feeling of premium refinement in the details were a must.

Easton is a high-end brand carrying premium road biking components for elite and competitive riders. Easton has always carried an heir of sophistication and prestige that comes with the price. Yet, Easton's riders embody authenticity and passion for their road biking pursuits.


Easton Cycling


Road Biking


Brand Identity & Website Design

My Role

Art Direction, Brand Identity, Web Design, Style of Photography

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Project inspiration and design direction
Before and After
Here's a peak at the starting point and the progression to where it landed for design direction.
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